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Pet au Pair of New Orleans


Same-Day Request (less than 24-hr notice): $10

Holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and Mardi Gras season (when parades are rolling): $10 extra/visit

Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends (Sat-Mon): $5 extra/visit

​We reserve the right to add appropriate, time-based fees in areas experiencing festivals or special events.


Monday - Friday 10a - 5p

Dogs can't read a book or call up a friend when they're home all day. Weekly walks provide mental stimuli to ease boredom or anxiety, and it's good for them . . . because a regularly-exercised dog is a well-balanced dog. Each visit includes: outdoor exercise, refreshing pets' water, and a text/photo update. 

15 Min:$20/visit

30 Min: $30/visit

45 Min: $40/visit

60 Min: $50/visit

We absorb parking costs, if any, and don't charge extra for additional dogs. If dogs need to be walked separately, we'll agree on an adequate amount of time to provide the service. 


7 Days a Week

Pet care when you can't be there. Each visit includes: a walk for dogs and/or play time for other pets; poop/litter box scooping; feeding; administering medications, if needed; a text/photo update of your pets' well-being; any extra pet or household requests you may have . . . plus, plenty of individual attention!

One Love Service: 30-min visit                                                $30

For low-maintenance pets, scaredy-cats, or animals that need less attention.

Pet au Pair Service: 45-min visit                                             $40
The popular choice for most households--plenty of time for a walk and lots of attention.

Spoiled Rotten Service: 60-min visit                                     $50

Best for homes with multiple pets, separately-walked dogs, or pets with special needs.

Add-On Service Visits: 

An extra visit during the day while you're away.
15-min visit: $18             30-min visit: $26

The Royal Treatment Overnight Service:                $120

Visit includes am and pm walks/feedings and cuddling up with your pets all night! Overnight stays are from about 7:30p - 7:30a. Rate may vary by home location.​