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Callie & Lily

I swear, my cat looks disappointed to see me vs. you when I get home. Lol! Maybe that's why she doesn't go outside with you--she wants to be close to you when you're there. Me? She's like pffftt!
--C.R., Garden District

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Pet au Pair of New Orleans

Memphis & Roxy

Deke, Haley, Teddy & Sundance


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Molly & Dixie




Au pair is a French term meaning "on par" or "equal to," denoting living on an equal basis in a reciprocal, caring relationship with a host family and their loved ones.

Honey Badger

We understand that cats require a special touch.

They often express stress very subtly and have varied social needs. Know that our caretakers are attuned to your kitties' uniqueness!

We are committed to working and living with integrity, to caring for your pets and homes as if they were our own, and to increasing our knowledge and training to be of greater service to animals and our community. We continue to network with other pet sitters and helped to establish Paws-GNO, a professional association of NOLA pet sitters and dog walkers, so that we can all provide the best and most expedient pet care to New Orleans clients.
     Pet au Pair is happy to provide references--call them, they'd love to talk with you!

Hi, fellow pet lovers! I'm Kelly Broussard, the founder of  Pet au Pair of New Orleans and a life-long animal advocate. I've volunteered with wildlife refuges and rescue groups around the country. Locally, I was honored to exhibit reptiles, birds, and mammals at Audubon Zoo's Wildlife on StageAs the adoption counselor for Spaymart, a local no-kill cat sanctuary, I was privileged to help feed, medicate, transport, clean pens, and help re-home hundreds of shelter cats. It doesn't get any better than that.... Or does it?

     After a 20-year career in book publishing ended, I realized my calling to be of full-time service to animals by starting Pet au Pair of New Orleans in

Oct 2008. It is such a blessing to work with the most awesome pets and their caring owners each day! 

    Although I no longer have time to contribute as the Pet Services correspondent for the New Orleans edition of The, you may still check out my columns by clicking the link. 

     I live in the Irish Channel with my four feral and semi-feral


                                      In loving memory of Milo (d. Oct 2007)